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Workshop: "Painting Like a French Impressionist" Nov 23 2019

Art - Workshop 4 (Fall) Painting like a French Impressionist with Edward Abela. What made the French Impressionists so popular worldwide? Although when they first came on the scene in the 19th century, they were despised by the critics, they eventually became very popular and their art now hangs in most national galleries. What makes an impressionist painting any different from other works? During this workshop, artist Edward Abela will explain the styles and colours they used and you will be able to go home with your own impressionist painted canvas. This workshop will benefit both mature and not-so-mature artists. Although the French Impressionists painted mostly in oils, we will be using acrylics in this course. A supply list will be provided prior to the class. The senior’s discount does not apply; the full fee is required 18+ yrs • $61.12/1 McConaghy Centre Sat Nov 23 10:00am-4:00pm 43977

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