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Love at First Sight

I received this letter about a painting I sold over a year ago. I am pleased to share it on my blog:

A year and a half ago, when I moved to Toronto (from Montreal), I was strolling down Dundas through "Little Malta" when I saw your painting in a shop window. It was love at first sight! I like the colours, the angles, the quality of the light and (for me, anyway) the feeling of happiness that emanates from it. Checking that my husband liked it too, we bought it on the spot. It is the first painting we hung up in our new home, it has pride of place in our dining room, facing my chair so I can admire it every day.

Your lovely painting has inspired us to find out more about Malta and we are in fact spending some of our vacations there this coming September! My question is, can you tell me which church it depicts? I believe it is entitled "Church at Sliema" and I have tried to narrow it down but can't quite pinpoint definitely which church you captured on your canvas. We are hoping to visit the church that inspired you.

I hope to hear back from you, whether you can tell me the name of the church or not. I am attaching a photo of the painting, to help clarify matters.

P.S. Since then I got in touch and explained where the church was. The writer enjoyed her holiday in Malta


Edward Abela