Edward Abela Fine Arts
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Edward Abela Fine Arts


Whether in the Island of Malta, my country of birth, or in Canada, or in my travels in Europe or America, I have sought to interpret the beauty of nature. I am attracted to the effects of light and shadows and contrasting colours. Most of my landscapes incorporate this to some degree. If the viewer looking at my work finds this to be pleasing and exciting, I feel I would have achieved my purpose




Mainly self taught, Edward has exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada, England, Germany and Malta and has received a number of awards. His paintings can be found in private homes and offices in Canada, United States and Europe.

Quote of the month:

There is an undeniable urgency when painting outdoors, nature’s so grand, the canvas so small; it takes the human mind with all its grand abilities and complexities to sort through the overwhelming feast set before it and recreate on canvas the essential components of such beauty and wonder.” (Jan Blencowe)